How to Use These Sacred Journey Medicine Cards

Mel Hoffman Medicine Cards

This oracle deck can be used...

  • By drawing a card in private
  • With a partner
  • With a group of people

Each card can provide many forms of guidance, with multiple layers of meaning. Be open to seeing a variety of possibilities.

Often the layers of interpretation unfold after a series of further reflections.
Usually the divination works best when you receive information from the card that bypasses your conscious mind. With this in mind, it helps not to be highly methodical and conscious about which card you choose. Just let the spirit within you move you.
When looking at the card you choose, be sure to tune into the the many layers of visual elements – and let yourself feel whatever you feel.
Some cards might intuitively appeal to you more than others. Not just aesthetically but in terms of how deeply they capture your attention.
If you have a particularly strong feeling about a card, then you should definitely consider keeping the card out in your home in a significant way.

One-Card Reading

Between Worlds Medicine Card

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Feeling depressed? Stressed?
Cloudy in thought?
Blocked? Disengaged?

You might want to select a single card for your
own personal daily meditation – or for daily inspiration.

You can ask the card a question like:

“What should I focus on today?”
Touch, shuffle and connect to the cards.
You can even hold the cards to your heart or speak to them.
Then place them face down in a fanned configuration.

Choose a card or group of cards.

Look at the images and consider how they make you feel.

Consider all of the elements:

photographic image, mixed media art, number, title, colors

Do they have meaning for you?

Allow your intuition to guide you.
Medicine Cards
Make sure you take the time to fully feel the energy of the card(s), so you can receive your own personal messages – before turning to the booklet for guidance.
When you look up the card in the booklet, try to be open to receiving other perspectives and possibilities for new interpretations.

Three-Card Readings

Deep Dive Medicine Card

Alignment Medicine Card

Boundaries Medicine Card

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This method of using the cards allows you to
illuminate multiple aspects of a situation.

You can draw 3 cards – which can represent:
the past, present, and future
the beginning, middle, end of a sacred journey
any specific three-part process of your choosing.
Shuffle the cards. Place them face down. Spread them. Select 3 cards.
Lay them out side by side to view the entire reading.
Take time to feel the energy and guidance of the card(s) before referring
to the booklet. When you do look up a card, be open to receiving new
perspectives and interpretations.

As a couple

Boundaries Medicine Card

Inner Adventure Medicine Card

Joining Together Medicine Card

Alignment Medicine Card

Flip All Cards

If you’re in a relationship, and
struggling with your connection, you
might want to do a reading as a couple.

The cards can become a profound interactive process,
calling needed Medicine into your relationship.
Each person in the couple should take turns
holding the cards and shuffling them.
Feel free to ask the cards a question or
set an intention for the cards to offer needed guidance.
Select the cards together – then fan them out in front of you.

Discuss how each of the cards make each of you feel.

Look for messages about how you might bring more closeness
and better communication into your bond.
Be sure to take enough time to feel the energy and guidance of the card(s)
as a couple, before referring to the booklet. When you do look up a card,
stay open to receiving alternative perspectives and interpretations.

Working with a Group

Contrast & Equilibrium Medicine Card

Boundaries Medicine Card

Resilience Medicine Card

Inner Adventure Medicine Card

Anticipation Medicine Card

Flip All Cards
Create an altar space in the middle of your group circle.
Shuffle and spread the cards on this altar.
Pass out slips of paper in a basket that are
numbered with the number of people present.
Have each person pick a slip of paper with a number.
Go around the circle in numerical order and
have each person intuitively choose a card.
Then have the person share the card that they received with all who are
present – along with any impressions that they receive from the card.
At this point, the message from the booklet can be read. Or the group can go on a
drumming or medicine journey together. Take time for each person in the group
to share their thoughts about each card.
After experiencing this journey, stay open to hearing the
messages from the booklet about the cards which were drawn.
Medicine Cards
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“This is an exquisite medicine deck that is both evocative and provocative. We used it at our Women’s Journey Circle and everyone present received a huge gift of wisdom, insight and inspiration.”

Valerie Carpenter
The Vestibule Center for Sound Living


“The Sacred Journey Medicine Cards open up a gently piercing world of insight and activate a necessary dialogue with kindred spirits including animals and plants that help bring healing and a deepened affinity with nature and ourselves. Mel has created compelling visual essence fields that allow the spiritual energies to radiate and communicate with the viewer in a variety of ways. The layered imagery opens the door for multiple reads and perspectives to emerge with each successive viewing. Very engaging and also potently wild."

Mark Bockley